A chance to help

When I was giving away my business cards to the catering manager at Point Loma Ocean View there happened to be a wedding taking place! The weather was  windy and the bridal party was preparing to line up.

When I saw the bride's veil is not staying in place between her hair and her wedding dress. The maid of honor is trying to be at two places at one time by helping the bride carrying the train of the bride's wedding gown and returning to the line up to walk down the aisle with the rest of the bridal party. So, I asked the bride if I could help and she replied  "please and thank you". I started holding her wedding dress train and fixing her veil to make sure it will not fall apart. When its her turn to walk on the aisle, I whisper to her "thanks and enjoy your moment".

I enjoyed this experienced because of the instant gratification that showed thru her smile without speaking words!!!